Welcome to the Prayer Dare,

We hope this will be a chance for you to reconnect with God over the next month.  Here is your chance to build upon your relationship with God in a real way. In every October, we set aside that month to do a church wide effort to pursue a deeper relationship with God.  The Prayer Dare consists for daily devotions as well as weekly sermons that address the coming week’s devotions.  You can find the sermons by clicking on the links below.


This year we are going to the favorite Psalm 23.  In 2014 we worked on learning how to pray as taught by Jesus by going through the Lord’s Prayer.  Feel free to use either one of these month long devotions to encourage your walk with God.

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Psalm 23-  2015 Prayer Dare

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Week 4 Sermon – October 25, 2015
Week 5 Sermon – November 1, 2015

The Lord’s Prayer –  2014 Prayer Dare

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