What to Expect 

We are so excited and honored that you would consider joining us for our Sunday worship services. We want you to feel comfortable and as welcome as you would be at home. That means you can come dressed comfortably and as you are. Here are some of the things that will happen when you come to join us for a Sunday.

As you drive into our parking lot, you will find a parking space and then walk towards the street entrance under the steeple.  As you come into the church, you will find a couple friendly smiles welcoming you and offering you a bulletin, that includes the order of service for the day and some announcements for the week.  You will then proceed through the open doors to the sanctuary and find an available seat. 
The music will start and you will be invited to stand for a while and join in the singing if you desire. A scripture will be read and then a prayer followed by everyone sitting down.  A couple of more songs will follow until a person comes up and gives a devotion to prepare us to take communion.  Everyone who considers Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior is welcome to take the commuion as it is passed, first the bread then the cup of grape juice. After communion the offering plates will be passed and anyone desiring to give towards God and His Work is invited to give.
Then there will be a time where people can give prayer requests and a prayer time will follow.  A short time will be given for people to stand up and greet one another.  After that the sermon will be given, usually by Pastor Jeremy, and then a prayer and a song.  In all the service ranges between 60 and 75 minutes. 
We hope you will join us this Sunday!!!