Day 1

Luke 11:1  Now it came to pass, as He was praying in a certain place, when He ceased, that one of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.”

In any relationship, communication is the driving force towards health and deeper intimacy.  Prayer is our effort to communicate with our creator God which can build security, faith, and transformation. Jesus often sought times of prayer for these same reasons.  Even though we desire prayer, we find ourselves in the same sandals as the disciples. We need instruction no matter how long we have been following Jesus.

Take some time to page through the first eleven chapters of Luke.  The disciples had witnessed all those miracles, sermons, and experiences but did not know how to pray, at least pray like Jesus did. In the next 30 days we are going to learn from Jesus and God’s Word, how to pray more like Jesus.

Today’s Scripture:   Ephesians 1:16-18 

When the Apostle Paul is saying this prayer, what does he want us to know/understand better?

What do you think?   What are some areas that you would like to understand better over the next month?

Today’s Prayer:  Pray throughout the day that you might come to know and understand these things more and more over the next month.

Day 2

Luke 11:2  “So He said to them, ‘When you pray, say: Our Father in heaven’”

For many, the word ‘father’ brings forth fond memories of strength, warm hugs, and wisdom.  For others it is filled with pain and hurt. When Jesus says it, he is saying you are loved and accepted no matter what you experienced from your earthly father. In today’s language, ‘father’ is an official name, but when we see Jesus praying we find him using the Hebrew word “Abba” which is more ‘daddy’ than ‘father.’ Our heavenly Daddy has given us an open invitation to pray because he desires for us to reach out to him so that he can love us without prejudice. Don’t believe me? Then look to the cross where he allowed his son to painfully die so that we could be his adopted sons and daughters with the full inheritance rights of his son, Jesus. The first words of our prayers are to be an acceptance of this gracious invitation into an intimate conversation with our Father in heaven.

Today’s Scripture: Galatians 4:4-7, 1 John 3:1

What do you think?  How does it feel to know that you are fully accepted as a child of God?

Today’s Prayer: Throughout the day today, pray prayers of thanksgiving that God accepts you as you are because of Jesus dying on the cross for you.

Day 3

Luke 11:2  “So He said to them, ‘When you pray, say: Our Father in heaven’”

Heaven seems so far away from us that it is hard to imagine our prayers being heard. How many times have we tried to call out to someone only for it to be unheard due to distance? And that is just one obstacle between God and us. There are so many reasons for God not to listen to my little hurts and needs yet none of them will stand between you and God. Why? Because he is the perfect Father in heaven who desires to care for us and destroyed any barrier he could that stands in between us and him. He is our Father in heaven and we can have confidence that he will hear our prayers.

Today’s Scriptures: Luke 11:11-14, Hebrews 10:19-20

What do you think?  What are some of the reasons you don’t feel confident in praying to God? How does Jesus’ willingness to die for you cancel these out? Can you think of some times when God has taken care of you as a father would?

Today’s Prayer:  Thank God for the confidence of knowing we can pray to him and that he is a Father who wants to care, protect, provide for us.  Throughout the day, if you think of times when God has done this, tell him Thank You right away!

Day 4

Luke 11:2  “So He said to them, ‘When you pray, say: Our Father in heaven’”

So far we have found that God wants to be an intimate father who has done everything he can to take away the barriers between us and him. His actions have opened the door for us to have a relationship with him through Jesus Christ where he wants to care, protect, and provide for us. It is in this safe and secure relationship where we can pray to our heavenly Father because we know his love for us will endure forever without fail.

Today’s Scripture:  Psalms 136

What do you think?  In what different ways does this scripture describe God’s unfailing love? Which of these have you experienced or desire to experience?

Today’s Prayer:  Thank your Heavenly Father for the ways you have experienced His love. Throughout your day keep your eyes open for other blessings of his love you are experiencing and thank him.

Day 5

Luke 11:2  “Hallowed be Your name.”

‘Hallowed’ is an uncommon word that can easily be misread as hollow. Hollow means emptiness, but ‘hallowed’ is a word that dares to describe the fullness and perfection of God’s character. It is from the word ‘holy’ which means a distinctive separateness from that which is common. God’s name is special for with that name comes the definition of so many desirable qualities.  For in God we find the perfection of goodness, wisdom, knowledge, justice, love, power, and purity. When we come to prayer, it is not a whimsical conversation but the coming together of a created imperfect person with the almighty creator God who loves that person more than they could possibly understand. It is here we recognize God’s power and it is with the title of ‘Father’ that we accept God’s love and grace.

Today’s Scripture:  Revelation 4:1-11

What do you think? What characteristics cause you to be in awe of God?

Today’s Prayer:  Take time to adore God for his amazing qualities which would be similar to how you would write an adoring letter to a loved one.

Day 6

Luke 11:2  “Hallowed be Your name.”

When looking for that future spouse, employee, or even dog, we tend to search for a perfect combination of qualities. Fortunately for all of us, everyone has a different list of preferred qualities, but I don’t think we differ greatly when it comes to what we want in God.  Yesterday we mentioned seven perfect qualities of God. Which one of these would you prefer to dismiss?  I want a God who always does what is good(goodness), knows when to do the right thing (wisdom), one who has all the information (knowledge), makes sure the right thing will always prevail (justice), loves all the time(love), has the power to do these things(power), and has no flaws (purity).   While these are impossible for any of us, these are the true qualities of God that both comfort and humble me at the same time. I am comforted knowing that while I am imperfect in all of these qualities, my God who loves me is perfect in all of them. I can be confident that even when I do not understand my world, he does and will exert His power according to His wisdom. He is an awesome God and all I can do is trust Him knowing his character without knowing life’s outcomes.

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 23:4, Luke 18:9-14, (bonus: Daniel 10:12)

What do you think?  What was the difference between the two prayers? Which one would find more comfort in God’s character?  Why or why not?

Today’s Prayer:  Pray that you will experience comfort and humility in response to God’s hallowed name and character.

Day 7

Luke 11:2  So He said to them, “When you pray, say: Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.”

There are times where no substitute can be found. It could be a child’s refuge from a nightmare or the lug wrench for a flat tire. Without it we feel stranded and insecure. In this first line of the Lord’s Prayer we find there is no one else to turn to that can attend to our needs and satisfy our longing soul at the same time. The heavenly God is also our Father who desires to care for us and has the ability to do it too! Who else comes close to the qualifications to hear our prayers and be able to do something about it?  But more than that, where else can you find the comfort of connecting with your creator God in an intimate setting where you are adored and loved by the one who created you in spite of your failures? Jesus has already taught us that when we come to God in prayer, we have confidence because of his love for us. We also have a humble reverence for One whose name should be hallowed.

Today’s Verse:  Read through the verses from the past week. (Days 1-6)

What do you think?  What challenged you the most in week 1?

Today’s Prayer:  Take time to sincerely share some of the struggles or questions you are currently having in your faith in Jesus Christ.  (Remember: His love is where we are most secure.)