Prayer Experience #1:     A Concert of Prayer.  

We gathered on October 2nd and participated in a concert of prayer.  A concert of prayer is simply where the leader has prepared a list of scriptures and topics to pray about.  The group then follows the leader’s instructions as they read and pray through what has been prepared.   For our time, we modified a concert of prayer that was put together by Christian Renewal Ministries.  Here the Concert of Prayer Outline that we used.  Feel free to follow this outline and do a personal concert of prayer by yourself or with someone else.   Their outline suggested singing hymns, which we did not do but feel free to do so if you would like.  Enjoy your time of refreshing prayer led by the Holy Spirit and Scripture.

Prayer Experience #2:  Lectio Divina  (Sacred Reading)

Lectio Divina has been used since for more than a thousand years as a tool to allow God’s Word to become living and active in our personal lives. It is a time where you read, think, search, and meditate on a specific passage allowing the Holy Spirit to teach you something for you.  I highly encourage you to take some time (20-30 minutes) to try this prayer experience.  I suggest Mark 2:1-12 as a great place to start, although any passage of scripture can be used.  Take your time going through each of the four movements allowing yourself time to search deeply.  
Here is the article by Ruth Haley Barton that we went through to explain what Lectio Divina is and how to do it. Read through it and then feel free to use it as a resource during your Lectio Divina experience.
For additional reference, The Journey Center, has provided this brochure in a PDF file.