Our Mission & Vision


  To know Christ better and

to make Him known to everyone.


This is what we believe God is calling our church to be here at Sheldon Church of Christ.  We believe God has called our church to know Christ better, day after day, year after year.  This means we want to strive to grow in our faith through action and knowledge.  We do this because our ultimate goal is to become more and more like Christ, and this can only happen if we get to know who He is.

For more about our Mission and Core Values click here:

 Mission and Core Values Brochure


Jeremy and Jim Allard

Pastor Jeremy Allard

I love my job!  Over the past 14 years it has been a privilege to serve an amazing God and the wonderful Sheldon community.  My wife, Jennifer and my three kids (Emma, Henry, and Sarah) all are blessed to be a part of the family at Sheldon Church of Christ. In 2011, I got the opportunity to start working with my dad Jim who is our associate minister. It has been a wonderful blessing for myself and the church to have him here.  


Pastor Jim Allard, Associate Pastor

In 2011, Janet and I moved to Sheldon to minister with my son and play with our grandkids.  We have been ministering for the past 45 years in local congregations and the past 5 years as a hospice chaplain.  We are enjoying the beautiful north woods and especially the people!




What we believe:

Please download our full doctrinal statement.